AirLive IGR-2500: Five-WAN Internet Gateway

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Descriere produs: AirLive IGR-2500: Five-WAN Internet Gateway

Five-WAN Inbound/Outbound Load Balance
Five-WAN Bandwidth Management
IM Blocking
Intrusion Security
ARP Protection
Max. Concurrent User: 300 ~ 400

Sufficiently wide bandwidth is always needed for cyber cafe, medium office, or Internet on-line game room, but it will cost more to use a specific Internet connection with the wide bandwidth. Now AirLive presents you the IGR series product – AirLive IGR-2500, which allows you to achieve the same bandwidth requirement at a lower cost by combining several internet connections with narrower bandwidths. It has 4 WAN ports and one changeable DMZ port, so the total useful WAN ports can be up to 5. With a high performance CPU, IGR-2500 can handle around 300 ~ 400 computers and provide stable and versatile connecting quality as well. With load balance functions, there is no more worry for the Internet connection needed.

Generally, the Multi-WAN devices provide only Outbound Load Balance, but AirLive IGR-2500 also features Inbound Load Balance that redistributes access traffic from Internet users to LAN server via different WAN connections—to increase the usable bandwidth and to avoid Internet traffic jam.

AirLive presents you two different models of Multi-WAN Internet Gateway, IGR-1500 and IGR-2500. Both devices feature multiple WAN connection and load balance function. Each of the two models also has its own characteristics as shown:

Outbound Load Balance
The Outbound Load Balance function can increase the useful bandwidth and prevent network bottleneck. With various types of the balance mode (Session, Weighted Round Robin, and Dynamic Traffic) to choose from, the user can enlarge the useful bandwidth quite easily without expensive charge.

Inbound Load Balance
Inbound Load Balance feature not only redistributes the incoming packets evenly to LAN server but also provides the fail-over function to guarantee the connection working smoothly. With different types of the balance mode (Session and Weighted Round Robin) to choose from, the user can select themost suitable one for current environment.

Ultra Smart Sharing
Ultra Smart Sharing function can prevent disconnection from a banking system or an Internet on-line game server—due to one single user attempting to access those systems with dual IP addresses.
QoS IGR-2500 can manage the bandwidth by services and IP addresses—to guarantee the access bandwidth and keep the service server working properly.
Intrusion Security Embedded with protected mechanisms to secure internal client, including Local IP Filtering, Intrusion Security, DoS, URL Filtering, and Session Limit.

ARP Protection
The ARP table records the MAC address with a corresponding IP address. If the router’s ARP table is destroyed by virus, LAN users will not be able to access Internet properly. The AirLive IGR-2500 ARP protection feature would restore the ARP table back to normal and keep the Internet connection working smoothly.

Specificaţii tehnice: AirLive IGR-2500: Five-WAN Internet Gateway

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